While the LEVL device does not fit into the wearable category, it provides the missing piece of the wellness puzzle. When combined with a fitness wearable, LEVL will:

* Provide biomarker data to confirm wearable data and conclusions.

* Complement and add to health coach interaction as an engagement tool by providing accountability and stickiness.

* Assist wellness professionals with client accountability and engagement.

* Enhance the scale measurements through daily fat burn milestones leading to achievement of monthly weight goals.

Albert H. Titus, Professor and Chair of Biomedical Engineering, University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, The State University of New York shares with us the positives of wearing fitness-tracking devices and what we might be able to expect with future versions of fitness wearables:

They can help you find daily motivation. 

Using a fitness wearable device can help with daily tracking and the motivational aspects of reaching those numbers, so you know how much you’re walking, and if you are walking enough. “Wearables are a positive thing in terms of getting people motivated to say, ‘Okay, I should walk more. I want to reach my goal of 2,000 steps, 10,000 steps, or 50,000 steps today,’” says Professor Titus. “This prompts some people to be more active.”

They can help you improve your training. 

Fitness wearables are great at simplifying the ability to track your progress, especially if you’re training for an event, have monthly mileage goals, or are striving to reach a certain heart rate during your workout. “This technology has made it a lot easier and much more practical to be able to reach your goals as you’re training,” says Professor Titus.

Technology improvements to look for in the future. 

The annual Consumer Electronics Show happening in the Las Vegas the first week of January may bring some new technology improvements within this space. The improvements could be longer battery life, deeper trackability of certain movements (ie: swimming) and more accurate reporting across the board. We’re excited to be at CES this week to see what’s new in digital health.