By now, you are likely aware of the benefits that measuring breath acetone provides to you and your patients.

But how can you incorporate breath acetone testing without investing significant amounts of time or funds?

Luckily, the minds behind LEVL carefully considered the realities of medical practice while designing the device and platform. LEVL was therefore developed not only to accurately measure breath acetone levels, but also to minimize burden on providers and patients.

Here’s what makes using LEVL so easy:

  1. The test is quick and simple. Using the test is quick and non-invasive and can be administered by any staff member. In addition, the test produces actionable data within 15 seconds.
  2. LEVL manages every aspect of implementation. LEVL trains providers and staff on everything from clinical implementation to collecting reimbursements. Our Marketing Starter Kits help providers demonstrate their commitment to patients by providing them with patient education materials. These include social media tools for both patient recruitment and retention and can also be used to enhance the use of the LEVL device.
  3. LEVL provides novel patient data visualization. The data that LEVL generates offers an objective perspective on patient behavior that informs the provider and can motivate the patient. Specifically, the immediate point-of-care feedback enhances the precision with which providers and patients can link nutrition and fat loss.
  4. Get started with no upfront expense. With a LEVL Placement Agreement, there is no upfront cost for the LEVL device and clinics are charged a simple cost per test based on actual usage. The Placement Agreement includes on-site implementation and training, unlimited testing supplies and a full warranty during the term of the agreement.

LEVL can help you personalize patient fat loss plans and improve your patients’ health while also facilitating other aspects of high-quality care. At the same time, using LEVL demonstrates to patients that you are willing to invest in innovative technology that will improve their health and enable you to individualize their care to improve outcomes.