19 04, 2021

How does measuring Breath Acetone differ from Respiratory Quotient and Resting Metabolic Rate testing?

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Respiratory quotient (RQ) and resting metabolic rate (RMR) are approximately the same measure for our purposes. They are estimated by measuring carbon dioxide and oxygen in the breath to determine the rate of carbon dioxide production and rate of oxygen uptake.  The ratio of these two rates (CO2 productions to O2 uptake) provides an indication …

16 04, 2021

Why LEVL vs. other breath acetone measurement devices?

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The LEVL device was designed specifically for weight loss and measures wide spectrum of ketosis regardless of dietary approach.

Breath Acetone Spectrum

To ensure accuracy and precision, the LEVL device is calibrated every 14 days using known gas concentrations. Calibration gas can also be used to check …

15 04, 2021

How do I conduct a LEVL test?

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Testing patients with LEVL is quick and simple to incorporate into your existing workflow with results delivered in 15-seconds. .

  1. Complete the patient data on the LEVL desktop app.
  2. Remove the LEVL breath pod from the device and insert a disposable mouthpiece.
  3. Ask the patient to hold their breath for 5 seconds, then tell them …
31 12, 2019

How does LEVL work with different weight loss programs?

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Because the LEVL device measures low levels of ketones as the body transitions to elevated fat metabolism, it can be used with any prescribed weight loss program. Blood and urine tests were developed to identify ketoacidosis and are not sensitive to lower levels of ketones that are indicative of fat loss. Based on the scientific …

22 01, 2018

Why measure breath acetone with LEVL?

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Acetone, a ketone body present in the breath, is a byproduct of fat metabolism. Measuring acetone with the LEVL device helps weight loss providers personalize weight loss programs with real-time fat metabolism insights.

The LEVL device was designed specifically for weight loss and uses a proprietary sensor to measure low levels of acetone and can be …