LEVL Health and Wellness expert Liz Josefsberg loves to involve her kids in her workout because it is always more fun than doing it alone. The following workout keeps kids’ attention while making them laugh. The key to getting your kids motivated to work out with you is to make it fun and to make the exercises relate to things they can understand. You will notice each exercise is related to an animal, character or exercise they can remember each time the exercise occurs in the circuit.

Use the timer on your smart phone to time your intervals and keep things moving along at a brisk and fun pace. Now turn up the music!

Warm up by jogging in place for 2 minutes

  • 1 Minute Disco Twists  Bend arms at the elbow and lift to shoulder height and begin jumping right and left so that arms and legs are going in opposite directions, twisting at the core.
  • 25 Jumping Jacks
  • 10 Egg Rolls  Sit on the floor and bring knees into chest and wrap arms around knees tightly. Roll from this position onto your back and attempt to roll back up into a sitting position without letting go of the hold on your knees. This is an excellent ab worker and everyone should giggle a little about this one!
  • 15 Frog Jumps  Crouch down into a frog position with hands flat on the ground and knees bent out to the sides. Jump straight into the air raising arms up to try to reach the sky then go directly back down into a frog position and repeat.
  • 15 Supermans  Lay flay on your stomach on the floor face down with arms straight by your ears. Go from completely flat to raising both your arms and legs off the ground and holding the position for a count of 3. Release back down and repeat.
  • 5 Bananas  From a seated position attempt to raise both legs straight off the ground into the air into a V sit position. Raise arms up straight by ears and hold for 5 seconds. Prepare for wobbles and giggles. This is an excellent balance and strength move.
  • 1 Minute Jump Rope  Liz encourages all parents to buy their kids a jump rope. There is almost no better cardio/plyometric/agility move out there for kids and adults alike. Begin with one minute and challenge the whole family to a contest to see who can go for the longest. This will help build cardio and stamina over time.
  • Plank  Planking is another great move to establish greater core strength. Challenge your kids to keep still in the position and and let you “eat dinner” off their backs. This keeps their back in line and their butts out of the sky. A true plank is very straight. Again, here you can begin with a 30 second challenge and add 10 seconds each week as a group.