April shares the successes on her LEVL journey and the importance of measuring breath ketones.

“The best thing about LEVL for me is getting that daily moment of YAY! that the scale has never given me.”

What was your reason for starting your LEVL journey?

Overall wellness is the ultimate goal, but weight loss is the primary focus at this point in that journey.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned since using LEVL?

I find it really eye-opening just how much my body is effected by refined carbs. Also, that for my current goals, light daily walks seem to be my best activity option. I’ve learned the importance of a good night sleep. With my baby going through a sleep regression and having many night wakings, I often don’t get enough good sleep right now; I can always see it in my LEVL the next morning, regardless of how on-point my diet has been.

What habits have you changed since using LEVL?

I have drastically reduced my intake of sugars and when I do use sweeteners I try to use natural ones. I at least stop and make a conscious decision about a “sweet” that I am going to eat because I know that I am going to see my LEVL drop which temporarily diverts me from my weight loss path.

What unexpected changes have you experienced since starting LEVL?

I have more energy and mental clarity. I’m starting to be able to guess what my LEVL is based off of how I feel and what I know I’ve eaten. I can see the direct correlation between what I eat and how my body feels.