Clinical nutritionist, health educator and OnCancer founder, Jason Bosely-Smith MS, LDN, CNS, FDN and LEVL clinical scientist Joe Anderson, PhD sit down to discuss ketosis, the ketogenic diet and how it relates to heath and disease states, including cancer.

In this podcast, you will hear:

2:42 Dr. Anderson defines the ketogenic diet and its macronutrient ratios (proteins, carbs, fats)

3:48 Dr. Anderson discusses the link between sugar intake, inflammation, and fat deposits on blood vessels

4:22 Sugar being water soluble and its effect on carbohydrate storage and water weight gain

5:30 The satiety and appetite fulfilling influence of a ketogenic diet that may decrease overeating

8:30 Reduction in sugar to reduce deposits of fat on arterial walls of blood vessels

10:10 What is the goal of the ketogenic diet and ketosis in health?

11:47 The shift from burning sugars to fat and its effects on metabolism

13:28 The physiological benefits that ketones provide to our bodies

14:07 Beta-hydroxybutyrate as a “superfuel” for energy and cognitive function

15:40 The difference between ketosis and diabetic ketoacidosis

18:22 Health conditions that may benefit from achieving ketosis:

18:36 Type 2 Diabetes

20:01 Weight Loss

20:50 Cancer and neurodegeneration

22:02 How sugar may provoke cancer cell growth in certain cancers

22:58 The potential benefit of achieving ketosis in combination with chemotherapy

26:20 Methods available to measure and monitor ketone levels and the importance of tracking your ketones while on a ketogenic diet

28:09 The LEVL device for measuring ketosis through acetone in the breath

30:25 Using tools and a personalized approach to monitor your response to diet for health goals

36:05 The hormonal influence on ketosis

40:47 The importance of transitioning slowly into the ketogenic diet