Seattle, Wash. — March 2, 2017—Seattle-based LEVL, a health and wellness device that can tell an individual’s current state of fat burning with one simple breath, today announced its much-anticipated introduction to the consumer market, LEVLhome. Consumers located in the Seattle area can now purchase the device at and begin their journey toward wellness and fat burning. Nationwide availability for LEVLhome will be announced later this spring.

Built on 50 years of breath science research, the LEVL device measures an individual’s state of fat burning. Users simply blow into the tabletop device and LEVL’s proprietary nanosensor measures parts per million (PPM) of acetone concentration in the breath. This measurement correlates directly with the body’s state of fat burning, providing an individual measurement and seamlessly syncing additional insights to the LEVL app. With this information, users can make real-time changes to their exercise, nutrition and wellness plans.

“By measuring what is going on inside the body, LEVL can help consumers identify what works best for them, based on their individual metabolism,” said Brent Hixson, President and CEO of LEVL. “With this information, users can make real-time changes to their exercise and nutrition plans and ultimately, reach their wellness goals.”

In addition to the consumer launch, LEVL has partnered with the Washington Athletic Club (WAC), one of the top five athletic clubs in the country, to further enrich the quality of life for WAC members and make an impact in Seattle.

The WAC has been recognized for providing the best private club experience nationally and has maintained a true commitment to enriching members’ comprehensive wellness. LEVL is on a mission to revolutionize the health and wellness industry by arming its professionals with a powerful tool that will help their clients achieve individual health goals, making the partnership a natural fit for both organizations.

“Partnering with LEVL will enrich the quality of life for our members, which has been the mission of the WAC since we opened in 1930,” said Chuck Nelson, President & CEO, Washington Athletic Club. “LEVL’s breath technology is truly ground-breaking.  Our health and wellness professionals strongly believe LEVL, along with a proper fitness and nutrition commitment will help our members reach their fitness and fat loss goals faster than ever before.”

The WAC will use the LEVLpro device, which provides a personalized measurement of an individual’s real time metabolism using the LEVL device, iOS app and LEVLpro dashboard. With this information, WAC nutritionists and personal trainers are able to track clients and accurately make decisions about their clients’ nutrition and fitness plans. The LEVLpro device shows biomarker insights that confirm the effectiveness of fitness and nutrition plans and compliments the WAC member experience. It also sets daily fat burn milestones and reduces time spent on nutrition and wellness plans that may not be working.

“As a Seattle-based company, we are proud to partner with the WAC to help its members achieve their wellness goals,” added Hixson, President and CEO of LEVL. “Our mission is to help people make informed decisions about their health, and working with the WAC will allow us to help its members do just that.”

LEVL is now available to consumers located in the Seattle area at The LEVLhome device can be purchased for $699 plus a $49 per month recurring payment for sensor refills and calibration gas.

Additionally, the LEVLpro device is now available to health and wellness professionals in the Seattle area at and includes the LEVL device, LEVL app, the LEVLpro Dashboard, which helps track clients’ data either at a facility or with the client’s personal devices. The LEVLpro device can be purchased for $699 plus $149 per month recurring payment.

About LEVL

LEVL is on a mission to change the conversation about weight loss to one about fat loss. LEVL is a groundbreaking device that can tell an individual’s current state of fat burning with one simple breath. Users simply blow into LEVL, and a proprietary nanosensor detects a molecule in the breath that indicates if he or she is burning fat. Armed with this personalized information, which works seamlessly with smartphones and is available immediately via LEVL’s app, users can make real-time decisions about their diet and exercise routines to optimize fat loss and wellness. Based on half a century of proven breath science research, LEVL makes monitoring a user’s fat burning state easy and predictable. All it takes is one breath. LEVL is a Class I medical device. For more information visit

About the Washington Athletic Club

Washington Athletic Club (WAC) is a private club located in the heart of downtown Seattle on Sixth Avenue, between Union and University streets. The historic landmark opened in 1930 and has remained committed to its mission to enrich the quality of life of its members. The WAC is among the top five athletic clubs nationally and is an eight-time repeat winner of the 5 Star Platinum Club of America award. The WAC includes five floors of state-of-the-art athletic facilities, the Inn at the WAC, a wellness center, full-service spa, multiple restaurants, and private events space. For more information, please visit

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