Seattle, Wash. — May 2, 2017— Memorial Day is around the corner, bringing with it the start of summer, a time when consumers across the country re-evaluate their wellness and fitness goals. Enter LEVL, a health and wellness device that can tell an individual’s current state of fat burning with one simple breath. The company today announced nationwide availability of LEVLhome, just in time for beach weather. Consumers across the United States can now purchase the device at, and begin their journey to wellness and fat burning.

Built on 50 years of breath science research, the LEVL device measures an individual’s state of fat burning. Users simply blow into the breath pod of the tabletop device and its proprietary nanosensor detects parts per million (PPM) of acetone concentration in the breath. This measurement correlates directly with the body’s state of fat burning, providing an individual measurement that syncs seamlessly to the LEVL app. This fat burning information empowers users to make real-time changes to their exercise, nutrition and wellness plans and ultimately, meet their goals faster. The LEVL app is currently available on iOS, and will be available on Android later this Spring.

“We are thrilled that LEVLhome is now available nationwide. It often takes weeks or months to see results in changes to fitness and wellness regimens. Now, with the metabolic insights you get from LEVLhome, you can see where you are in real-time, and adjust your routines to meet your goals faster,” said Brent Hixson, President and CEO of LEVL. “What works for you is unique to you. The LEVL device’s personalized data helps you understand what works for your body.”

The device and app provide up to two users with personalized fat loss insights and can be purchased for $699 plus a $49 per month recurring payment, which includes a monthly delivery of replacement sensors and calibration gas. LEVL also offers a financing option for $99 upfront, followed by $99 per month for 12-months at no interest. At the end of the contract, monthly payments will drop to $49 per month for maintenance subscription.

Additionally, the LEVLpro device is available to health and wellness professionals at and includes the LEVL device, LEVL app and the LEVLpro Dashboard, which helps track clients’ data either at a facility or with the client’s personal LEVLhome devices. The LEVLpro device can be purchased for $699 plus $149 per month recurring payment. Alternatively, the LEVLpro finance option is $199 down and $199 per month for 12-months with no interest. At the end of the contact, monthly payments will decrease to $149 per month for maintenance subscription.

About LEVL

LEVL is on a mission to change the conversation about weight loss to one about fat loss. LEVL is a ground-breaking device that can tell an individual’s fat burning state with just one breath. Users simply blow into LEVL, and a proprietary nanoparticle sensor detects a molecule in the breath that indicates if he or she is burning fat. Armed with this personalized information, which works seamlessly with smartphones and is available immediately via LEVL’s app, users can make real-time decisions about their diet and exercise routines to optimize fat loss and wellness. Based on half a century of proven breath science research, LEVL makes monitoring a user’s fat burning state easy and predictable. All it takes is one breath. LEVL is a Class I medical device. For more information visit

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