As Consumer Demand for Virtual Health Climbs, Collaboration Delivers At-Home, Real-Time Fat Metabolism Data to Support Weight Loss Journey

LEVL, an FDA registered device that allows users to calculate, monitor and predict fat loss through a single breath, is working with CoachCare to further their service integration to address the increased consumer interest in telemedicine and virtual health in light of COVID-19.  LEVL’s fat metabolism insights seamlessly integrate with CoachCare’s custom patient mobile app, clinical dashboard, and proprietary scales and trackers that deliver 24/7 insight into a patient’s progress to monitor all aspects of their weight loss program.

“Understanding how individuals burn fat is a critical piece of the weight loss journey and each person’s road to success,” said Brent Hixson, LEVL CEO.  “Our integration with CoachCare ensures that this journey can continue from home by providing LEVL users better access to virtual health to support their success.”

With LEVL, users can accurately predict individualized fat loss by measuring acetone in the breath. The device indicates low levels of ketones as the body shifts into an elevated fat metabolism state, making it a useful tool for any prescribed diet. Based on 50 years of breath science research, LEVL combined with the remote access of CoachCare allows clinicians and their patients to see personalized, real-time data about how much fat the body is burning per day and week. It complements any weight loss program and is covered by insurance.

“CoachCare’s integration of LEVL furthers our ability to support better patient outcomes for weight loss patients from their own homes,” said Andrew Zengilowski, CoachCare’s CEO and Co-Founder. “LEVL adds a critical measurable component to help patients see significant results.”

Data from a LEVL device, which works with any prescribed diet, can be tracked directly through the LEVL iOS or Android app, and is fully integrated into the CoachCare app and dashboard along with several other patient metrics, to provide a complete picture of the patient’s weight loss journey.



About LEVL

LEVL is an FDA cleared and HIPAA compliant device that supports weight loss through a non-invasive measurement of ketones using breath. The LEVL device enables users to identify how a prescribed diet and exercise plan impacts fat metabolism in real-time, enhances patient care by giving clinicians the ability to remotely monitor and keeps patients motivated with daily feedback. All it takes is a simple breath. For more information visit their website here. LEVL test reimbursements are available but vary by state and provider. Request more information here.

About CoachCare

CoachCare’s comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant suite of virtual tools, including real-time messaging, video conferencing, screening, content sharing and connected devices, is the closest your patients can get to an in-person visit, all from the safety and comfort of their own homes. Request more information here.


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