Taking Wellness Community One Breath Closer to Fat-Loss Revolution

Seattle, Wash.—December 8, 2016—LEVL, an exciting new health and wellness device announced today that it is now classified as a FDA Class I medical device. This is a critical next step for the innovative device that will change the fat loss conversation with just one breath.

Built on 50 years of breath science research, the LEVL device will measure an individual’s fat burning state, ultimately providing a path to a new sustainable health and fitness regimen.  By integrating the LEVL device into a gym, training studio or wellness center, health professionals will leverage LEVL’s breath analysis technology to measure what’s going on inside the body, and identify what works best for each client based on their individual metabolism.  This inside-out data can help users find that missing piece to their fat loss puzzle.  With this information, users can make real-time changes to their exercise, nutrition and wellness plans.

“Our registration as a Class I medical device is an important step in LEVL’s mission to release our device to market and to help change the conversation from one about weight loss to one about making informed decisions about their health which will enhance fat loss,” said Brent Hixson, President and CEO of LEVL. “With LEVL, health and wellness professionals can help their clients achieve a healthier state and a better quality of life.”

LEVL’s proprietary nanosensor measures acetone concentration in the breath which correlates directly with the body’s state of fat burning. Users simply blow into the tabletop device, and LEVL’s sensor measures the concentration of acetone in that breath, providing an individual LEVL score.  The LEVL score appears on the device while seamlessly synching additional insights to the LEVL app.  Wellness professionals can use these insights and projected fat-loss data to adjust and further their clients’ routine to maximize fat loss.

LEVL will announce availability and pricing for the device in early 2017. Additional information is available at www.levlnow.com.

Product images and video are available in the press room: https://levlcare.com/news

About LEVL

LEVL is on a mission to change the conversation about weight loss to one about fat loss. LEVL is a ground-breaking device that can tell an individual’s fat burning state with just one breath. Users simply blow into LEVL, and a proprietary nanosensor detects a molecule in the breath that indicates if he or she is burning fat. Armed with this personalized information, which works seamlessly with smartphones and is available immediately via LEVL’s app, users can make real-time decisions about their diet and exercise routines to optimize fat loss and wellness. Based on half a century of proven breath science research, LEVL makes monitoring a user’s fat burning state easy and predictable. All it takes is one breath.

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