MedTech Coalistion

The MedTech Coalition for Metabolic Health:  

Harnessing Technology to Drive Awareness and Treatment   


First-ever Coalition of Medical Device Companies Formed to Help Address Metabolic Diseases, including Obesity  


LOS ANGELES (March 4, 2020) – According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2016 approximately 93.3 million adults in the United States – or nearly 40% of adult Americans – were considered obese or diagnosed with obesity-related conditions, including heart disease, stroke or type 2 diabetes.  In addition, nearly 13.7 million children or adolescents in the U.S. – or almost 20% – were considered obese during the same time period.  While the numbers are alarming, the one fact that most experts agree upon is that this condition is preventable, yet it appears as though not enough has been or is being done to fight this disease … until now.   

As the first-ever coalition of medical device companies formed to help combat metabolic health diseases, the MedTech Coalition for Metabolic Health (MCMH) was established by a diverse group of medical technology organizations that have come together to change how the nation perceives and approaches our country’s challenges to metabolic health, including diabetes and obesity.  MCMH intends to effect change by educating and advocating for public policies and increased funding for obesity education, research, treatment, and care.

The original co-founders of MCMH include Robert Vogel, Global CEO at seca, the world’s market leader for medical measuring systems and scales; Julie Kofoed, VP of Marketing at KORR Medical Technologies, an industry leader in the field of metabolic testing; and Brent Hixson, President and CEO at LEVL, an organization committed to unlocking the mystery of achieving health and wellness goals through a non-invasive measurement of ketones using breath. 

“Medical technology innovation is vital to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and obesity,” said Hixson.  “The concept for MCMH was borne from this fact, yet this vital contribution was missing from public discourse.”  Added Kofoed, “Our nation’s health policy, and that of the many organizations concerned with metabolic health, will benefit from a wide-ranging approach from all avenues to treat and combat these conditions.”   

The vision of MCMH is to influence change in the U.S. health care system, and to urge policymakers to recognize that metabolic diseases like obesity are complex and chronic and deserve to be treated with the same consideration and importance as other chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer.  People affected by obesity require access to the same medically necessary and covered treatment avenues afforded to all others who suffer from chronic disease. 

While the founders of MCMH have a strong affiliation with groups such as the Obesity Medicine Association, Obesity Care Advocacy Network and STOP Obesity Alliance, among others, the organization is looking to expand its coalition with members who have the same dedication and commitment to help fight the increasing risks and challenges associated with metabolic diseases. 

Organizations interested in joining MCMH can obtain additional information by sending an e-mail to [email protected] 

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About seca   

As the world’s market leader for medical scales, seca has been setting standards in function, technology, and design for nearly two centuries.  Working closely with practitioners, scientists, and engineers, seca develops scales and measuring instruments that meet the highest standards of precision and reliability in 110 countries worldwide.  

About KORR Medical Technologies  

Founded in 1993 by Scott Kofoed, Ph.D. and Joseph Orr, Ph.D., KORR Medical Technologies is recognized as an industry leader in the field of metabolic testing.  Their proprietary respiratory flow-measurement technology can be found in medical instruments sold by some of the largest medical technology companies in the world, including GE Medical Systems, Siemens, Novametrix Medical Systems, PDS Instrumentation, Fluke Biomedical, Respironics, among others.  

About LEVL  

LEVL has created a new paradigm in nutrition management and health through a non-invasive measurement of ketones using breath. The LEVL device enables clinicians to identify how a prescribed diet and exercise plan impacts their patient’s fat metabolism in real-time, enhances patient care by giving clinicians the ability to remotely monitor and keeps patients motivated with daily feedback. All it takes is a simple breath. 


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