Measuring ketone bodies for the monitoring of pathologic and therapeutic ketosis

A Scientific Review

Recent scientific studies have demonstrated that elevating ketone body concentrations (e.g., nutritional ketosis) may improve certain disease states by forcing utilization of ketone bodies, in place of glucose, for fuel. Some diseases appear to respond favorably to an increase in ketosis, including Alzheimer’s, cancer and Type 2 diabetes. It has been demonstrated that once ketones reach “therapeutic” levels, they help attenuate disease severity or result in disease regression. During weight loss, monitoring ketone body concentration can demonstrate program compliance and can be used to optimize the weight-loss plan.

The sensitivity of the LEVL device provides an accurate measurement of acetone – a ketone body – in exhaled breath to help clinicians make personalized recommendations about patient nutrition and lifestyle.

Learn more about measuring ketone bodies for disease management and weight loss in the peer-reviewed article co-authored by LEVL advisors Joe Anderson, Ph.D. and Rick Lindquist, M.D., et al.

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