Personalized Weight Loss with a Simple Breath

Acetone, a ketone body present in the breath, is a byproduct of fat metabolism. Measuring acetone with the LEVL device helps weight loss providers determine a patient’s baseline and track real-time fat metabolism changes with any weight loss program.

Fat loss can be achieved with many dietary approaches; certain diets work better for some people than for others. However, when a patient is burning fat, they will have elevated ketone bodies regardless of their prescribed weight loss plan.

Ketone bodies are often higher in diets that favor a ketogenic approach (which includes the mobilization of both consumed dietary fat and body fat), but any dietary intervention that increases fat metabolism will be represented in ketone body production.

The sensitivity of the LEVL device’s proprietary sensor allows you to visualize as the body transitions from using carbs as the main fuel source to using fat. With this data, not only can you personalize weight loss plans, but also course correct before changes appear on the scale and predict future fat loss.

While acetone measurements in breath have been studied for over 50 years, efforts over the last 20 years have better explained the relationship between breath acetone and fat loss. The LEVL device offers a tool to quickly quantify the rate of fat loss.

LEVL Clinical Scientist, Joe Anderson Ph.D. emphasizes the significance of breath acetone measurement as it applies to the weight loss in his review, Measuring Breath Acetone for Monitoring Fat Loss in Obesity – A Research Journal.

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