Breath metabolism monitor


The LEVL device provides a personalized calculation of an individual’s fat metabolism by measuring acetone in one simple breath.

monitor fat metabolism


Drop the breath pod into the device to start the analysis. Results are delivered to the LEVL app in 15 seconds.

Fat loss prediction


Use the LEVL dashboard to track your patient’s progress. LEVL is FDA cleared and HIPAA compliant. Contact LEVL to learn more about reimbursement. Reimbursement varies by state and provider.


Provide personalized coaching based on LEVL measurements and reduce time spent on weight loss programs that are not working for your patients.

While acetone measurements in breath have been studied for over 50 years, efforts over the last 20 years have better explained the relationship between breath acetone and fat loss. The LEVL device offers a tool to quickly quantify the rate of fat loss.

LEVL Clinical Scientist, Joe Anderson Ph.D. emphasizes the significance of breath acetone measurement as it applies to the weight loss in his review, Measuring Breath Acetone for Monitoring Fat Loss in Obesity – A Research Journal.

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