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Why should I measure breath acetone to monitor my patient’s fat metabolism?2019-12-31T15:38:08-07:00

The LEVL device was designed specifically to accurately measure low levels of fat metabolism for weight loss and can be combined with any weight loss program. Blood and urine tests were developed to identify ketoacidosis, which occurs once ketone levels are extremely high and blood becomes acidic. These tests are therefore not sensitive to lower levels of ketones that are indicative of healthy fat loss.

What is PPM?2018-01-23T16:10:21-07:00

PPM is an abbreviation that means of Parts Per Million. The LEVL device is measuring PPM of acetone in exhaled breath.

What do my LEVL measurements mean?2019-12-31T15:41:13-07:00

While the goal for elevated fat metabolism is 2PPM, acetone concentrations in healthy individuals can range from roughly 0.5 PPM to 100PPM. Create a customized goal and plan with each patient to maximize individual results.

How do you take a measurement on the LEVL device?2019-12-31T15:44:16-07:00

To measure breath acetone concentration using LEVL, a comfortable exhale is captured in handheld breath pod and placed into the LEVL device . The device will analyzes the acetone concentrations down to a single PPM and displays results in the LEVL app and dashboard.

How often should patients take a measurement?2019-12-31T16:00:00-07:00

Patients should take a measurement at every visit to confirm the adherence and efficacy of their prescribed weight loss plan.

Should measurements be taken during or immediately after exercise?2019-12-31T15:49:32-07:00

A LEVL device measurement will not change drastically during exercise. Our scientific data does show that when the body is using fat as its primary fuel source (vs. carbs) during exercise, the LEVL device measurement may drop immediately after intense exercise.

What data is available in the app?2019-12-31T15:47:47-07:00

The LEVL app displays the acetone concentration in parts per million (ppm) and fat loss predictions.

For measurements between 0.5 and 10 ppm, the app provides pounds of fat burned and k/cals of fat burned per day (based on a mixed macronutrient diet).

How does LEVL work with different weight loss programs?2019-12-31T15:58:18-07:00

Because the LEVL device measures low levels of ketones as the body transitions to elevated fat metabolism, it can be used with any prescribed weight loss program. Blood and urine tests were developed to identify ketoacidosis and are not sensitive to lower levels of ketones that are indicative of healthy fat loss. Based on the scientific data, a measurement of 2.0 Parts Per Million (PPM) equates to 0.5 pounds of body fat burned per week (if this level is maintained throughout the week).* Visit our blog to see examples of sample data from a few common dietary regimens.

Can LEVL insights be integrated with other health metrics?2018-09-20T14:42:28-07:00

LEVL insights can be integrated with other health metrics on the CoachCare platform.

What approvals/regulations does LEVL have?2019-12-31T15:29:28-07:00

LEVL is FDA cleared, HIPAA compliant and exempt from CLIA.